Javadrip mug and coffee

Ultralite Java Drip Coffee filter


The best lightweight coffee filter we have found yet

We tried – and bought – one of these the earlier in the summer for ourselves and think they will be amazing for a bit of garden picnic action or for a wee coffee hit whilst out on the trail.

Take a stove, or even just a flask, some kick ass ground coffee, a couple of cups and enjoy the experience of freshly brewed coffee wherever you are. The filter clips on to most camping cups and mugs we have found so far

Use an espresso grind for the best results. A normal Cafetiere grind is just too coarse and the water runs through too fast. If that is all you have then leave the filter sitting in your cup for a wee while to get all the flavour out

Made by GSI these are just the best lightweight coffee filter we have used.

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