Chill time or epic adventures
fuelled by damn good coffee…

Next door to us is Cairngorm Leaf and Bean
This wee coffee roastery is where
Steve blends & roasts seriously kick ass coffee.
Our Cairngorm Chur blend was created by him just for us
& we think it tastes just like sipping flat whites in NZ!
So, here is your chance to get your fix delivered to your door.

We are passionate about great coffee, especially in the outdoors & believe it should be part of life’s little & big adventures.
Here we offer some of our coffee along with our
 favourite brew & camping essentials. 

We hope it will inspire you enjoy great coffee in the outdoors,
whether that is on an epic camping trip or just relaxing in your garden, it might even be on your balcony, it doesn’t matter,
we hope you enjoy some fresh air with a
decent brew in hand!