French white bread club

White Pan Loaf Club

£3.20 / week for 47 weeks

A simple but awesome white bread loaf  – everytime

Bothy Bakery Pan Loaf Club – 12 Month Subscription
Local delivery only – Cromdale, Grantown, Dulnain Bridge & Skye of Curr

Delicious, freshly-baked white organic bread, made & delivered with love every Thursday or Saturday!

No need to pre-order each week, simply sign up and you’ll never miss out on an amazing tasty loaf again.

What will you receive? 
You will receive a weekly delivery for one year (this can be paused or cancelled at anytime)
This will be delivered direct to your doorstep – or if you live outside our delivery zones you can collect from us at the bakery.

Our White pan loaves are a yeasted dough that contain only organic flour, fine sea salt, an overnight starter (levain) &  yeast.
No sugar, no additives, no preservatives, no nasties, no crap! 

Your loaf will be an 800g pan shaped loaf, occasionally you might get a cheeky wee baguette or other shape if Kj & Megan are working on new techniques. If you prefer a certain shape let us know, we will happily create the loaf you prefer!

When & how will my loaf be delivered?
You can choose a Thursday or Saturday delivery (or both)
We aim to get the bread delivered by Midday each day, from time to time it might be a little later if we have a large function or event on etc. But we will post on our Facebook page if this is going to happen.

We aim to always deliver on our E-Cargo delivery bike “Hank”. It will either be Al, Kj or one of our lovely bakers delivering your bread. We are super proud to be delivering by bike. Not only is it better for the planet but it is great for our team’s mental health, giving us a chance to get out into our community for a blether, some fresh air, while giving us a break from the hustle & bustle of our busy bakery.

We pride ourselves on using responsibly sourced organic British flour & ingredients 
We have taken a lot of care to source top notch ingredients using British & Scottish suppliers such as Shipton Mill, Highland Wholefoods, Fleming Howden & Braehead foods.

Going away? Need to put your bread on hold or want to cancel? No worries!
You can take a bread holiday at any time, just drop us an email or phone us.
We have customers who have their bread delivered to other folks when they are away also, we have even been known to put messages on bread bags like – Thanks for looking after the cat…

Money talk!
You’ll be charged on a weekly basis & your subscription lasts for 12 months.
The money will always come off even if you are away or we are on holiday. But do not worry!
We have a tick system & your bread club will run until you have no more ticks left, even after your payments have stopped. Before your club comes to an end we will send you out a letter warning you.

We will send out our holiday sheet well in advance so you can plan your bread supplies.
If you want extra loaves to freeze at any point this is no problem!

The price you have signed up for is the price you will pay for the whole duration of your club, it will not go up in price during your subscription period.

We also have other subscription options if you would like to try our other loaves on a regular basis.
Click on the link to be directed there – Chef’s Bread club or Brown Bread club

We can’t offer our bread for postal delivery we are afraid. Only local delivery here in Grantown, Cromdale, Skye of Curr and Dulnain Bridge as well as collection from here at the bakery itself.

Although this bread is the same every week we would like to always look after you. So, if you have any relevant food allergies then please tell us here.
Our French White only contains organic flour, salt, yeast and water
Please type ‘None’ if not necessary

Is there somewhere safe and dry to leave your bread if you are not in when we deliver? We wrap our fresh bake in paper so it is not waterproof or animal proof

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