The adventure continues…

We are open!

We are really excited to be in our new bakery

We’d love to help you share that excitement

So, alongside coming to see us in person we can offer

– mail order of a selection of treats,

– local delivery of a range of our baking and food and

– the option to order our awesome bread, cakes or slices online and collect them from either here at the bakery or from our doorstep

Check out the tabs below for the various options

We can’t offer mail order for all our baking unfortunately – it just won’t survive the travel!

Please check carefully what delivery option you have chosen – any queries then please email us or drop us a line on Facebook

We are currently baking Tuesdays through to Saturday. We will have treats, bread and baking available at the Bakery and on our doorstep Wednesdays through to Sunday.

So, come along to the bakery or pass by our house to see what we have to offer

We ship any mail order products out Thursday, Friday and Saturday to ensure you receive any baking and treats as fresh and tasty as possible

We are always accepting pre-orders for cakes and slices. Especially cakes for birthdays and special occasions. Check out the range of cakes we offer below.

On our bread days, WednesdaySaturday you can also pre-order either our fresh White loaf or choose the ‘Chef’s loaf’ to enjoy the freshest inspiration from Kj and her team

Your support is amazing & I hope that I can add some cake / bread happiness to your day during this tough time

Kirsten Gilmour

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