Catering for people with food allergies

We have worked really hard to create an enjoyable and safe eating environment for all our customers. 

We cater for vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, gluten free & wheat free diets as well as Coeliac requirements.  We realise it’s important to understand the difference as well as the complexity in producing the various types of allergy sensitive food. We therefore ensure we use separate tongs, toasters and fryers along with the more obvious separate knives and chopping boards. We understand that gluten free food is suitable for a wheat free diet but that wheat free food may not mean it is also gluten free.

When you come in to the cafe you will find our dietary key on all our menus, which shows which of our dishes can be adapted to meet your needs. Please let your server know your needs & our team of chefs will do everything they can to create a tasty & safe meal for you to enjoy. Our Kitchen team are trained fully in all dietary issues and the kitchen team train our front of house servers also. 

The same rules apply to our home baking – we always try to have cake options for vegetarian, vegan dairy free, Coeliac baking but this varies from day to day. All of our baking is labelled using our dietary key as shown above.

A note on Nuts

We have nuts in our kitchen therefore we cannot offer a 100% guarantee that any of our products are totally nut free. We do not cater for people with airborne nut allergies.

We DO however make baking & foods that are labelled “nut free recipe” this means there are no nuts added to the item or dish & we will do everything humanly possible to prevent cross contamination however the ingredients we buy in to bake/cook with are out of our hands. We have nut cross contamination systems in place & we take this very seriously within our kitchen & our cake serving area. Some of our homemade breads are made using nut free recipes, however please be aware we use the same proving mats for bread with or without nuts. We can offer Harry Gow nut free seeded bread instead of homemade bread.