Catering for people with food allergies

We have worked really hard over the years to cater for all. 

However, as we transition from running the cafe to our new adventures we are having to be more conservative with our options available for you all.

We are currently baking from our house and as such we are really aware that we cannot prep, bake and store all of the ingredients and finished products in a way that we feel confident is guaranteed to keep you all safe from cross contamination from a food allergy point of view. 

So we are currently not providing many options – even for GF – we are sorry to say. It is not because we don’t care but because we do.

We are about to move into our new unit and aim to get back to the range of options we used to provide at the cafe but we need to get in there and get our feet on the ground before we can offer anything else.

We really do want to get back to being able to cater for all. We just can’t risk doing this in any way less than the usual high standards we work to.

Watch this space…

A note on Nuts

We have nuts in our kitchen therefore we cannot offer a 100% guarantee that any of our products are totally nut free. We do not cater for people with airborne nut allergies.