Mountain cafe – Our Coffee

Good coffee is a matter of pride to all New Zealander’s – this is the ethos that we bring to The Mountain Café

A Barista is a trained ‘chef of coffee’. Seems simple, but making a great cup of coffee takes skill and training.

All of our Baristas are trained to understand what it takes to make a great coffee.

We are passionate about getting coffee to you at it’s best so you can indulge yourself in the taste and aroma of delicious coffee.

When you go out for coffee it should be an experience to enjoy, not one where you feel sorry for the beans and milk being put through torture just to make a drink that isn’t really that brilliant.  Being a coffee snob is no bad thing; you just like good coffee. That’s why only trained baristas make your coffee for you at the café.

We offer beans, ground coffee & decaf coffee for sale in our deli section. We also offer a wide range of coffee & tea brewing hardware for sale so you can make a proper MC brew at home.