Mountain Café – Artists

Here at the Mountain Cafe we are proud to display on our walls some of the best local talent around. As well as creating a unique and changing atmosphere and a visual treat for our customers, these original works of art and prints are available to buy at the Mountain Cafe.

Elizabeth Pirie

We were lucky enough to have local artist Elizabeth Pirie work with us on The Mountain Cafe Cookbook providing some of her stunning illustrations as a backdrop for Kj’s story.

Elizabeth was brought up in the grandeur of the Cairngorms and has been inspired by them since she started painting from a young age. She uses her unique perspective and experiences to depict the truth of living and being active in the mountains.

Whilst training at Glasgow School of Art, Elizabeth claimed the Philip Reeves Prize for Print Making and the Drawing Prize, acknowledgements of her skill and accomplishment. Subsequently she qualified at Moray House, Edinburgh University as an art teacher. Now she is passionate about helping children learn to express themselves through their chosen art form and develop as individuals. She has worked with many modes of art including paintingdrawinglithography and more.

For more information visit Elizabeth’s website.

Leita - Drawing + illustration

“In my drawings the human elements become absorbed within the natural environments and the surroundings are equally as important to the overall images as the people depicted within them.”
Leita’s Website

Mandy Anderson

Some of Mandy’s highly popular “Heelan’ coo” images are available to buy at the Mountian Cafe.  To find out more about her, visit Mandy’s website.

Skiwi Art

Kirsten Jane Gilmour (Kj), originally from New Zealand, left home at the age of 19 to travel the world. After many adventures she found herself settling down in Scotland and is the owner and Head Chef  of The Mountain Cafe, Aviemore.  After receiving endless stick about her accent on trips home and from fellow Kiwi’s, she named herself a “Skiwi” and has started her own dialect: a mix of “ScottishKiwi”.  When she’s not tied up in the kitchen you will find her in far flung parts of Scotland or further afield with her camera kit and bike.  Kj is a passionate photographer, who loves sharing her work, travels and experiences with other enthusiasts.
Skiwi Art Website