Mountain Café – Artists

Here at the Mountain Cafe we are proud to display on our walls some of the best local talent around. As well as creating a unique and changing atmosphere and a visual treat for our customers, these original works of art and prints are available to buy at the Mountain Cafe.

Chris Stuart

Chris’s photographs are mostly Scottish landscapes, with some wildlife.
see some photographs. Chris’s Website

Joy Grindrod

Joy is based in the lake district, her paintings are mostly of the Scottish hills, much admired and very atmospheric. Joy’s Website

Leita - Drawing + illustration

“In my drawings the human elements become absorbed within the natural environments and the surroundings are equally as important to the overall images as the people depicted within them.”
Leita’s Website

Peter Diender

A freelance photographer based in Aviemore, specialising is action shots and aurora landscapes.
see some of Peter’s work

Skiwi Art

Skiwi art is Kj’s wee hobby. She is a passionate amateur photographer.
Her work is on the black wall in the cafe.
You will often see her out & about with her camera locally on her days off.
Skiwi Art Website